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1. Calving ease on first calf heifers.
Halfblood calves average weights of 60-70 pounds at birth will vary depending on the genetics of the heifers. They will be in the frame score 4 to 5.5 range, again depending on the frame scores of the heifers. These vigorous, healthy cavles will weigh right at or just slightly below the average of your regular calves especially if you start calving your heifers a few weeks earlier than your main cow herd as is common practice. The extra calves you wean (no death loss at birth) will more than make up for any loss in individual weaning weight. These first-cross calves will sell right with your regular calves at no discount.
2. Halfblood and first-cross Lowline steers will finish at 1,150 to 1,275 lbs. if backgrounded on a high-roughage diet.
They will work extremely well to run as yearlings on grass and then these yearlings will gain very well and very efficiently in the feedlot. They will finish in a much shorter feeding period saving high corn costs and yardage. Because of their heavy-muscled Angus heritage, they will yield excellent carcasses with high ribeye-area-per-hundredweight and a high quality grade. The Lowline cross beef is noticeably fine-textured and very tender.
3. Use Lowline cross cows to moderate your cow size.
Run more cows per acre and wean more pounds per acre. Sell that total pounds of weaning weight for a higher price per pound. This is especially true from the second year of production and beyond when you can breed the Lowline cross females to a larger-framed but easy-calving bull of another breed to make a smaller cow be all she can be. Thus, she weans a higher percent of her body weight and optimizes her lower annual maintenance costs.
4. Sell Lowline seed stock.
There are an increasing number of Lowline sales across the country to allow you a place to market your registered Lowlines. There is also a great demand for Lowline-cross replacement heifers. They make excellent recipients for some embryo transplant programs.
5. Lowline-cross steers are ideal for the emerging "Grass-Fed Beef" market.
We find that half to 3/4-blood steers are very well suited for this purpose.
6. High-percentage Lowlines are optimum for selling locker beef.
Their smaller carcass size is much more well-suited to the modern American family. Their smaller yet fine-textured cuts of flavorful beef will gain you rave reviews from your customers and some great "word of mouth" advertising. We are even breeding some of our higher percentage Lowline cows to lower percentage bulls which gives us terrific weaning weights as a percent of the cow's body weight.

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